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Day two of my 365 photo challenge is a baby shower cake! Technically speaking, not a great photo, but I still like it! However, if it was for a client it should not have the cake cut off – my reason for doing this – I messed up the cake on the car ride over to the shower! EEK! My dear friend, and assistant, Kristie, made this cake for the shower – is she talented or what?! The cake had a football, basketball and baseball, the football stayed – the basketball and baseball were not so lucky however! They started falling so I reapplied with water later on. 🙂


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I’m sure some of you have heard of the 365 challenge – document your life with one photo a day! I’ve decided to take that challenge and I started yesterday – on February 1, 2013! You don’t have to start on January 1 – any day that works for you and take a photo a day for a year! Some of us get lost in our cell phone cameras and never take out the “real deal” I encourage you to take out your camera and capture your life! This is GREAT for putting together annual photo albums. 🙂


Day 1 – February 1st!
Today my husband turned 31! We took a quick picture before heading out to dinner at Texas Roadhouse! I actually placed the camera on the truck hood instead of my tripod. You can see my husband’s first truck behind us – he has informed me we will never get rid of it. Every woman’s dream?? haha, not so much, but it’s important to him so we keep it around!
Quick edit with Florabella Clean Color Action 🙂


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I must admit it is hard to get a blog set up and going! I am determined to make this work in 2013! I just need to make it a habit!!

I’d like to spend a moment and thank my latest models from late December and early January!!! I’ve had so much fun with each of you and whether you realize or not I am learning while I practice on you! 🙂 I am always on the lookout! Newsletter subscribers are the first to know! Models – I will have discs to you by the fifth of February. I’m still playing and tweaking with some edits!



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