About Amber & ABP

ab23Meet Me!

I was born and raised in San Antonio, TX and now live in the hill country with my little family! My husband, Tim and I have been married since 2009! We have a son and daughter – both are full of spunk! Our son is a tornado and ALL boy! He has a witty since of humor – gets it from his dad 😉 And our daughter, she is a little diva and was given that title in the NICU – yup a preemie – she was ready to meet everyone seven weeks ahead of schedule! And she definitely runs our house!

Family is the most important thing to me, which is why I don’t work many weekends. <3  I LOVE my God and I love my church – shout out to CBC Bulverde!

I say things like, “Cat poop” and “Cheese and Rice” because I don’t believe in cussing and I may be a little goofy at times. I do say “y’all” quite a bit. I’m a Texan, what can you do?! I also LOVE Dave Ramsey and have co-lead his Financial Peace University class over the last five years!

I have an obsession with bags, shoes and jewelry – ok, all accessories!  My husband knows annual portraits will be done so he picks his shirt first and my family coordinates around it (LOVE HIM). I do hire professional photographers for our family portraits! Yes, I take photos of my kids and hubby all the time, but hiring another professional is so wonderful!


ABP was born August 2011. Back then I photographed everything thrown my way & it was a blast! In 2014 I decided that I wanted to stand out from the crowd and have a specialization in high school seniors and luxury family portraits. They are SO MUCH FUN!  I am not a volume photographer so I limit my sessions to give the best attention to my clients as well as keep a work/family balance.

Everything in my business is bee related because my last name is pronounced “Buzz-Bee” and it just tickles my fancy.

<3 Come be a part of the ABP Experience!