Elizabeth | Smithson Valley Senior

This session was such a blast! Poor Lizzie and I had to reschedule a dozen times for weather but we got the perfect day!
Makeup by Jax Roberson.


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A happy new year!

Happy 2015 all!

I think this is going to be a FABULOUS year! My little family is SUPER excited to be welcoming our newest addition this spring. YAY!!! I will be taking some time off from shooting for a while after, but don’t worry – I will still refer out if you need a summer session :)

I am so excited for the direction ABP is headed! I have found that I absolutely LOVE working with my high schoolers, tweens and hair and makeup artists – it is such a good time every. single. time. It makes my heart happy – big time! There is a certain feeling you get as a photographer when you can show a 17 year old her image on the back of a camera and she can just gasp with excitement. That is extremely fulfilling! I love that feeling!

I have also been blessed by a network of fabulous other senior photographers and mentors that are just SO knowledgeable and kind! I feel extremely lucky to be part of such an amazing group of people and talent! Shout-out to all you guys and gals – Rob, Christina, Robin, Denise and some more that I’m missing! You guys are AH-MAZING!

I have a lot of sessions scheduled for January – mid April and I am SO excited! I have my senior model team shoots over the summer break and I’m just ecstatic about it! I do have a couple of model searches in the works as well… my senior model applications are still going on! If you want to be a part of the ABP Senior Model Honey Hive please email me for login information for the application. I also have a shoot coming up for multiple age groups 15-40+ this spring. Details are being worked on, but watch ABP Facebook and Instagram for information on how to apply :)

That all being said, I am only going to be taking on a limited number of family sessions for the rest of 2015. I will be focusing primarily on my tweens, seniors and editorial work after this year. I am SO excited! I believe this change will make me a better photographer for my clients. Some photographers specialize in events like weddings, others pick newborns, some are amazing with younger kiddos! I believe I have found my niche with the tweens and seniors, found what makes me happiest and where I can serve the most and give 150% every time.

If you are wanting ABP to take your family portrait this fall for holiday photos please let me know by emailing me… I will have a list that will be notified as soon as I open up booking for fall. (August)

Now I’m off to hang out with my family today! I have two tweens to photograph tomorrow! YAY!

Happiness & love to you for 2015!

Fall Season 2014

Fall portrait season is under way! I have met a lot of new families this year! So great! Here is a little bit of what I have been busy doing…

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Thank you for keeping me busy!

Emily & Katie | Spring Branch, TX Senior Photographer

Emily & Katie did oh so fabulous for our shoot over the summer! These two have such great style!

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JT’s Six Month Session | Spring Branch, TX

Meet JT! He is the cutest and calmest six month old EVER! He also makes me want another baby boy! I miss mine being so small! A few quick sneak peeks for mom and dad for the weekend are below. First outfit is adorable and check out the amazing hat in the second. Love! Mom and Dad,  I will be in touch about your gallery soon!



September Catch Up!

Hello friends!

Happy end of September! The past two months have been very busy – not with photography things but with family things :) If you have contacted me in the past month and I have not gotten back to you please shoot me another email, I am not ignoring you I promise! I have a few model sessions I have to finish editing and I’m working on new packaging as well! SO excited about it! Silly, I know, but it makes me happy :) I should have everything sent by October 1!

My fall season starts this weekend with two sessions! Just as a reminder – I am just about booked for the remainder of the year! My special didn’t make it to Facebook this year! Be sure you sign up for my newsletter so you don’t miss out on the specials!

And because posts without photos are boring here are some cute kids to brighten your Tuesday!





Gullion Family | Spring Branch, TX Photographer

Meet some of my in-laws! Ronnie and my husband are step brothers! Our sons are two weeks apart in age! How fun is that?!  We got together early this morning for a few pictures before their youngest starts walking!


gullion1 gullion2 gullion3


Strick Started PK3 | Personal

Personal blog post too! My little guy started his preschool curriculum on August 27th. He needs to stop growing now! :) I of course, snapped a few shots on his first day!



Baby B | Bulverde, TX Photographer

Meet this little guy! He was born at 30 weeks young, he had his three month birthday on the day of our photo shoot! He is adorable! He is doing great for a preemie baby too! He has a proud big sister too! The Laytano family owns Bullet Flooring here in Bulverde. You can check that out at www.bulletflooring.com 


087 205

Jones Generations | Spring Branch, TX Photographer

Technically not Jones, but Amanda is my friend and that’s her married last name :) Here are a few precious moments from her generation session.

Amanda-3 Amanda-7